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Interviewed by Rai 2, Torino boss Sinisa Mihajlovic spoke about the granata defeat against Juve earlier on today (3-1):

What did you think of the match?

“Up to the 83rd minute [When Juve went up 2-1] it was a balanced game and we played on their level. We deserved something more, having good opportunities with Benassi and Ljajic. Juve is a team which has been built to win the league and to play the Champions League. We’re only a Europa League side, but today on the pitch there was hardly any difference between the two teams.”


Do you think Torino’s lack of experience was determining?

“We’re a young team, so we have to accept the fact that young players will make mistakes. Barreca, for example, played very well and then found Higuain, a very experienced player. Still, we managed to play on their same level today.”

Would you say Juventus are the better side?

“Juve are stronger mentally speaking, they have world class players that can change the game in one second. There are teams that collectively play better than them, but Juve have mental strength and are used to playing tough matches.”



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