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Ignazio Abate, the AC Milan captain was thrilled with his side’s resounding 4-1 win over Empoli.

Speaking to Sky Sport, Abate claimed his side was “a growing team”.

“I’m happy because we played a good game and demonstrated our maturity. Perhaps in past games like this we wouldn’t have won. We came here with conviction and not timidness. The team isn’t satisfied, we’re happy and we still have to get better in many aspects, but tonight we gave a good sign to ourselves.

“We knew Empoli would start off strong, but in the second half we had more quality and we did everything to look for a good result.”

“The youngsters are getting better, we see it every Sunday, but we can’t give them too much responsibility. Sometimes they run around in circles, they need to develop and they have the humility and our colors in their blood.”

“Are we the anti-Juve? Let’s not even joke. This isn’t the time to look at the table. We’re too smart to know that we need to look at the standings. We know very well that we’re coming off two or three years of being down. We have to keep our heads down and keep peddling.”


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