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Adriano Galliani laments losing out on the Argentinian striker a few seasons back to the Bianconeri but admits relationship between both clubs is at an all-time high.

In a telephone interview which took place on the Italian TV show Lunedi di Rigore, Adriano Galliani discussed the current state of Milan, the future of the club, the transfer market and the relationship between both they and Juventus:

On the business relationship with Juventus:

There has been a good relationship for many years, and like always, relationships have their ups and downs. Now we have absolutely returned to the highest of it.

On the eventual sale of the club:

I honestly do not think about it. I move forward with the maximum of effort. The day the club does not belong to Finivest, I will go along with Finivest and then decide on what to do.

On the transfer market situation:

It is certainly difficult, for all negotiations there is an upholding period to be agreed upon. It is hard to be on the same page. To sell, I must find a club that wants a player from Milan, then I have to find an agreement with the player and his agent. At this point, I have to ask permission from the buyers. Then when selling a player, there is a figure, with which I have to find another player, reach an agreement with the various parties and then ask for permission to authorize the deal.

In January, we will remain as is. Let’s go forward with the players we have. We all had thought the sale would be done on the 13th but we will not dramatize it. It is nothing serious, we can live like this but it is a complex situation.

On losing out on Carlos Tevez to Juventus:

It is absolutely my biggest regret. I believe Tevez created a watershed between Milan and Juventus. I still have a very good relationship Kia and Carlos.

On Milan’s matches with Juventus:

In the Spring, we lost 2-1 at the San Siro but we definitely played at the level of Juventus. On the field of play, I considered it a tie. In the final of the Coppa Italia, we lost in Extra-Time, playing at their level. In October, we beat Juventus playing at their level. We met them tree times, losing twice and winning once but they could have certainly been three draws. I have not seen a great deal of differences in play between Milan and Juventus. I hope on Friday (in the Supercoppa), we played like we did in the Fall rather than in the Spring.

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