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The agent of De Guzman spoke of the similarities in treatment from coach Sarri.

Jonathan De Guzman’s agent Fabio Parisi talked to Radio CRC in regards to the comparisons in treatment between his player and Gabbiadini.

De Guzman is currently on loan at Chievo, but has a contract with Napoli until 2018.

“Napoli and Gabbiadini will eventually go their separate ways, his latest goal should convince Napoli to make the best deal possible for the player.

It is only right that Napoli take advantage of the sale of Gabbiadini and get a return on ivestment.

Napoli has plenty of depth, and so the competition is naturally very high, but the coach should get better at managing his players.

With Gabbiadini the relationship wasn’t always great, the lad has never felt the trust placed in him,  and this is something Sarri should improve, as he should make everyone feel important.

I will not return to the past, but De Guzman has never been taken into account. He  moved to Chievo and is back playing well again.

Rog is an extraordinary talent, which you can not waste, and he must feel the confidence of the coach who should be constantly talking to him. ” 

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