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Agnelli Discusses The Financial Health Of Juventus, Pirlo, Pogba, Calciopoli And Others

andreaangelliJuventus’ president Andrea Agnelli has given an interview to Tuttosport today, discussing many interesting topics.

On the Champions League. It was done what we believed it was right in that moment. We were in touch with the highest officials of Uefa and they told us: this game must be played. The elimination from the Champions League is a damage both for the image and, potentially, for the balance. And it’s a pity too.

We must participate year after year. The previous season we went beyond expectations, this year we performed below them. Next year we’ll find ourselves in the Champions League knowing that we have a UEFA ranking problem in the 10/11 and 11/12 season: this is why it’s important to go forward in Europa League.

The normalization must happen in the next three years, because we aim at the balance of the budget deducting the participation to the UCL. Two years ago, without the Champions, we had revenues for €210/215M, this year we arrived at 283M, 60M from the Champions. In 2015/16, when some contracts will expire and some others we already signed will start, we’ll be around €240/250M: our goal are €300M in revenues, deducting the Champions League.

In this way we reach self-financing, without sporting risk and with financial power. Then we must know how to spend. It’s not said that a product that isn’t expensive isn’t good. It’s right to optimize the investments. After that, we work on building an economical structure that allows us in the short-medium term to be able to make a big purchase only participating to the UCL. Summarizing, we can now suppose some high-level operation, but they must be worthy. We can’t spend just to spend.

On Conte. I’m very happy of him and he’s very happy of me and of Juventus. I don’t see a Juventus without Conte.

On Pirlo. I told Andrea that he’s at home here. He likes Juventus and it suits him. I know he has an appointment with Marotta in February-March to define [the contract]. Pirlo will be with us for some more time.

On Pogba. Fundamental premise: at London I was speaking about the Italian football and not Juventus. We don’t have the resources to go beyond certain sums; our numbers don’t allow us to contrast some established realities like Real, Barcelona, Bayern or United, or some others like Psg, City or Chelsea: who pays more that €5-6M of salary in Italy?

I preferred to indicate one of my players rather than others, because it seemed indelicate: as Pogba is considered the next best midfielder in the world, I think keeping him will be hard. The renewal can happen, I don’t think there are any problems on that.

On Llorente and Tevez. Marotta, Paratici and Nedved were good in finding these bargains. Conte was excellent in optimizing them. This kind of policy is welcome.

On the transfer market. For me the market is done in June. In January there is the fixing market and I don’t think there is anything to fix.

A mistake in 2013. The political approach of the renewal of the Lega presidency and consequently of the Federation.

On the football government. The main wish is that this operation, that looked a disturb by seven clubs to somebody, turns out to be the introduction of a different work method, that starts from the discussion and the analysis of the problems and ends with finding a solution.

A work method that can be applied, for instance, also for other urgent reforms, like the one of the leagues. It wasn’t our initiative, but it was the initiative of seven clubs. I’d call it the first victory of the League that, thanks to this method, finds itself with €450M more of guaranteed minimum income in six years, a structure of fees more suitable with the market and a new contract to sign that will complete this work.

The stadiums need to be more comfortable, better lightened, with a proper pitch to become more inviting and favor entertainment. The talk about the sporting structures is fundamental and our Stadium proves it, it made our revenues go from €11M to €140M. You create a virtuous cycle that allow you to invest more and become more attractive for foreigners champions.

Not like today, when we are a place where you pass through. This a process that is realized in the medium-long term. In the League there are important personalities and entrepreneurs of various industries of the country and everybody feels, me first, to be entitled to have an opinion of every topic. This is maybe the error: some committees that report to the Council must be created, then the Council communicates to the Assembly a couple of time per years.

Barbara Berlusconi and Thohir. It’s Milan, a leading club that must bring innovations and win. I welcome her, it seems the compromise they found is functional. Galliani is the best high-level executive of Italian football, his experienced contribution remains at Milan, with a new, healthy approach that Barbara can bring.

The internationalization is correct. The execs of today, also football’s ones, must speak multiple languages. Our market of reference is the world. Then there are the particularities of our country. As for Thohir, he looks enthusiast, the acquaintances in the media help him.

In the case of Inter, it’s a less romantic story than the Moratti family: they have run the club for 50 years. Before Massimo came back the rivalry has always been intense. It’s the Derby of Italy and will be beside the ownerships.

The leagues. The optimal results is an 18-team tournament. The competitiveness of the Italian league is the highest in the world, there is no easy match. It would mean eliminating three midweek games and give the chance to train for one more moth. To get there, there are many implications and the sharing with Serie B League and Lega Pro is imperative.

The match fixing scandal. The topic of the money laundering is important: with other instruments, the cost it’s 30%, with betting it’s 8%. Here’s why there is the maximum interest from the international criminal organization. After that, we need the sense of responsibility to face the problem without making it a phenomenon of localism.

Calciopoli. We need to wait the last degree of justice to draw some complete conclusion. Today we have the motivations of the first degree that say that one season wasn’t investigated and that the other wasn’t fixed. We wait for the motivations of the second degree to have full knowledge of the reasons that brought to new condemnations.

At the end of the procedures, we’ll develop our evaluation on what kind of requests present based on the article 39 for the review of sporting process. This possibility can be exploited only once: using it without having all the documents means to deprive yourself of some instruments that can be decisive. The request for a €400M compensation is ongoing. We have a sporting justice that is too quick and an ordinary justice too slow.

On the closed curvas. There is the battle against racism, that must be fought with every means and every form, and there is the territorial discrimination, that exists from 25 years at least. Until last season there was the fine, suddenly the sanction harshened, as approved by the federal Council in August. Everybody raised his hand, it was a unanimous vote. Screaming now that it is a scandal it’s immature. If anything, we must reflect on the weight of Serie A in the federal council. As for the kids, it was a nice experiment, but I hope that who paid for the tickets go to the stadium.

On the shirts. There is not a specific reason. In the next ones, the supporters wanted “Fino alla fine”. We must find an intern pride that goes forever. Adidas wanted us strongly, since 2015/16 we’ll try to repay them on the pitch.

The Balloon d’Or. Cristiano Ronaldo.



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