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Demetrio Albertini points to the lack of planning and loads of confusion within as the main problems affecting Milan today.

Former Milan and Azzurri midfielder, Demetrio Albertini, spoke today about the situation at his former club while participating in a convention for Candido Day inside the Executive Room of the San Siro.

If there are no plans, you are an artisan of football and not a multinational. This is the real problem, a problem that involves all of football in general. The lack of results is not only linked to the economic factor but to the lack of planning. At one time, we were champions by excellence, now we are in trouble.

Albertini also commented on complicated situation of the locker room being pro-Mihajlovic which contradicts Silvio Berlusconi’s clear desire to change managers at the end of the season.

If you add more confusion to confusion, it is not good. The current situation is one of confusion. But the players are fundamental, they must think of the group and act as a group without becoming opportunists, doing what suits them.

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