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The current Miami FC manager believes Italian football has been on a decline for the last decade.

In an interview with Times of Malta, Milan legend Alessandro Nesta was asked about the state of Italian football and did not hold back on his thoughts:

It is now almost 10 years that Italian football is in a decline from all points of view. The money available is less in respect to other nations, but many teams do not have a project, like Lazio for example

He was then asked about his own future:

For now, I do not have the intention of returning to Italy. After my final year as a player, I came to live here in Miami and I was given the opportunity to manage Miami FC. It is a beautiful experience and I hope to be ready, if maybe a more important bench job presents itself.

On the future of the Nazionale team, I can safely say that among the most prominent young talents, there is Romagnoli. He has potential and can make strides.

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