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After his side’s victory against Palermo, Massimiliano Allegri expressed his satisfaction at the three points.

In his post-match interview with Sky Sport, the former Milan tactician said:

“I asked my players to win and not concede a goal. It was a good game from a defensive perspective, but not a technical one. We return home with the right spirit, we took three good points and now we’ll prepare ourselves for Tuesday. It’s time to prepare for the last two games before the international break.” 

What satisfied you from your attack and your side’s approach? 

“When we were left with ten men due to Asamoah’s injury, we did well to bring the result home. Higuain and Mandzukic played together for the first time in attack and played well. They didn’t make any plays together but that’s not their characteristics. They sacrificed for the team. At the end of the game, they did well defensively.” 

How are Rugani and Asamoah?

“Asamoah was crying, we’ll see. We hope it’s nothing for Rugani.” 

Dani Alves played a very distinct style as a wingback, almost like an internal midfielder in attack. 

“He’s very good at understanding when to make a run and when to spread the pitch. He’s not a classic wingback, he beats his man with a one-two. He’s not a natural in a midfield five and would undoubtedly be more at home in a back four. When Cuadrado came on, he played like a third centre back but he also played like an internal midfielder. He could easily play there.” 

How much does the Rolex Pogba gave everyone in the staff mean to you?

“I don’t know, I saw him and was happy of the choice he made. He’s an important footballer, an extraordinary one. He did well here at Vinovo and came back because of this. He’ll come back…”

What are your thoughts of Pogba in a midfield two? 

“He can play in that position, he’s a universal footballer. He can play as an internal midfielder or even on the outside. He can even play in front of the defence. Mourinho is getting the best out of him.” 


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