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Massimiliano Allegri was particularly satisfied with his side’s result but now will shift his focus to Bayern Munich.

In his post-match interview with Mediaset Premium, the former Milan boss said,:

“I’d like to thank the fans for the affection they showed me tonight. This win against a good Sassuolo side means we need one less for the Scudetto. Now we must think of the game on Wednesday without becoming obsessed with it. We have to do something extraordinary. If we succeed, it’ll be good. If not, we’ll return to focusing on the league.” 

On his decision to bench Pogba: 

“Asamoah was feeling good. Moreover, I have a strong roster at my disposal now that everyone is in good physical condition. 

On Buffon’s record: 

“I’m happy for Gigi. If we manage not to concede a goal in the first three minutes of the derby, it will be the proper way to cap off an extraordinary career.” 

On Rugani’s impressive performance: 

“Tonight, he had a good game and I’m very happy. He needed a performance like this after the last one against Inter, where everyone didn’t perform. This performance helps his confidence and this is important for us and him.” 

On Mandzukic’s unselfishness: 

“Mario has this among his characteristics. He’s generous and whoever plays next to him always plays well.” 

What do you make of the stadium’s chants to bring the team to Milano? (the Champions League final is held there this season) 

“In this moment being at the top of the league and in the final of the Coppa Italia along with the round of 16 in the Champions League is already important. Then we will have to prepare for the derby as it will be important before the international break.”

What do you make being six points ahead of Napoli? 

“Napoli and Roma won’t drop many points between now and the end of the season and we’ll have to be good. I can’t do anything but compliment my players. I asked them to help me have a good Saturday and Sunday and they gave me this gift.” 

You didn’t play with an attacking midfielder. 

“It’s clear to see that when we play with an attacking midfielder we need more impetus. But this year we only played one or two games with an attacking midfielder. What’s more important than formations is the players we have.”

How do you beat Bayern? 

“It’s a tough opposition to beat and we have to be good in the defensive zone and hurt them on their weak points.” 

What’s your future in black and white? 

“I’ve never had issues with the club. We will look to close the season in the best possible way and try to bring home one or two trophies. There are a lot of rumours, but I’ve never thought of a future away from Juventus.”


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