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Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri highlighted the importance of his side’s win against Chievo and his maturing side.

In his post-match interview with Sky Sport 24, the former Milan boss said,:

“The team had a good game from a technical point of view, not conceding anything to the opposition. The players approached this game the best way possible. The guys deserve a lot of the credit while Chievo didn’t do anything wrong.”

Did you enjoy the game? 

“It was a fun game to watch, other than the last few minutes of the first half. The players are growing from a mental point of view, especially the youngsters who are following the lead of the veteran players.”

Morata woke up. 

“Morata was scoring in practice a lot, and when a striker scores in training, they score in games.”

Today you guys approached the game in exemplary fashion.

“Today we took a lot of shots on goal. The players were good at speeding up the play. The last play against Carpi is stuck in my memory we risked throwing our difficult comeback away. We can’t forget where we were after ten games, which only makes our games more tense.”

Where can the team improve? 

“There are margins of improvement for the team. The players are maturing every game. The veteran players are doing great things and are guiding the others with their great mentality. The season is still a long one and winning away from home is important.”

Will you watch the derby?

“It will be a fascinating game like always. I won’t be able to watch the Napoli game because I’ll be on the plane.”


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