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Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri spoke to the media about his side’s disappointing performance but maintained it wasn’t all bad from his men.

Despite the poor start from his side that saw Juventus claim one point out of a possible nine, Allegri remains upbeat and believes the Italian champions have been unlucky more than anything. In his post-match interview with Mediaset, Allegri told reporters,:

“We conceded a goal from a situation that we could have easily defended better. After we conceded the goal, the team played well even better than in the second half. We are going through an unlucky period of time but you shouldn’t blame the team whatsoever. I’ve only had the full team at my disposal from Thursday between the transfer window and the international break. No one expected Juventus to have one point from a possible nine but there are positive aspects too. Now, we must work hard and prepare for game after game. I didn’t like the midfield but we created a lot. That said, we can improve. In the second half, we looked a bit confused before the penalty shot. In the last two games, we created a lot but haven’t scored. Then, we concede on the opposition’s first chance. It’s a weird thing.”

Why didn’t Pogba start the game? 

“He didn’t start as he’s coming off two games with the French national team and he’s not playing great at the moment. I put him in the second half out of necessity and he played good. He can have a great season but he has to return to playing like he knows how to.”

Is Hernanes the player you needed? 

“Today, he played well even in the second half in front of the defense. I must always find a way to use the players at my disposal to the best of my ability.”

Is playing the Brazilian in front of defense a valid option moving forward?

“He can play there. He started off playing there and must now get used to it again. There are also other good alternatives. Now, we must get our ideas back together and get ready for Tuesday’s game.”

Why is this not the Juventus we are used to? 

“Because in football, you cannot always win. We changed a lot, there are ten new players. On Tuesday, we will play Manchester City. In football, there are not invincible teams. They have great players but we want to play a great game with both tactical and technical quality.”

Is there a lack of character in the side? 

“No, we’re missing a bit of goals.” 

Overall thoughts so far on the season? 

“No one expected the standings to look like this. We have to improve. We have to work hard in order to find the right balance. Today, we made a lot of mistakes in attack due to a lack of patience. This team can still greatly improve together. Teams are not build in one day. Now, we have to focus on the Champions League. The objective is to get out of the group. I have to find which formation works best for this team right now due to the fact that in the midfield we have players who have barely played together.

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