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Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri was particularly satisfied with his side’s 3-0 victory against Hellas Verona, especially with the bianconeri’s work in the defensive zone.

After the game the former Milan boss told reporters from Mediaset Premium,:

“The players did good to return with the right mentality. It’s never easy to play well after the Christmas break. The guys won the game without conceding any chances to Hellas Verona, other than one big save from Buffon.” 

When asked for his thoughts on Zaza’s comments that Juventus are the right team for him, Allegri said,:

“Simone is doing good at Juventus, and is scoring at an impressive rate. I always say that substitutions are important and he’s doing good coming off the bench at the moment. We’re competing in three competitions and need everyone in peak physical condition.” 

Allegri then explained why Martin Caceres got the nod ahead of Daniele Rugani. He told reporters,:

“Today’s game was one in which Caceres could have been more useful than Rugani. Caceres is a player that is just recovering and he played a great game. Rugani has all my confidence as well as the club’s confidence. He will find space until the end of the year and he won’t be leaving.”

With Juventus closing down on their Scudetto rivals, Allegri was asked whether he thought his side are now favourites for the title. Allegri said,:

“After our poor start we returned to the top and into the race for the title and this is important. The team that will win will mess up the least. We are coming off eight consecutive wins and we must find maturity. Today we won and in a few days we have a difficult away game. It’s a point in the season where we must get the most points possible. For us it’s important to reach the last six games of the league in an optimal position.”

The Italian tactician then praised the depth of his team. He said,:

“All it takes is to look at our last few games, I’ve been able to change three to five players. When the team doesn’t lower their technical ability and is able to put in a top performance as well as a result, it’s important. Playing every three days isn’t easy.”

Allegri then shed light on Morata’s poor form when he was asked if the Spaniard is sad. Allegri told Mediaset Premium,:

“He doesn’t have to be sad. The more someone is sad, the harder it becomes for things to go right for them. We must not forget that he’s scored two decisive goals that helped us qualify in the Champions League. Every year is made of highs and lows. Alvaro has to keep working hard and playing for the team the way he is.”

The Juventus boss concluded his post-match interview by talking about his use of Paulo Dybala. He said,:

“I always say that football isn’t an exact science. The player is 21 and at the beginning of the season he’s the one who played the most. In football, it’s easy to be a star one day and nothing the next due to a burn out. My choices are based off my training sessions and especially when it comes to the younger players, I look to help them improve.”

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