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The relationship between Mancini and management has not been the best as of late. But is sacking him really necessary?

Let me start with this before we go any further because I know a lot of you reading this don’t use logic or think before you blurt out how you’re feeling… Simeone will not come anytime soon so get that idea out of here.

Mancini is not the best coach for Inter, we can all agree there’s better coaches in the world, but that’s not the issue at hand as Mancini is good enough for now. We can go into all the things he lacks another time.

Replacing Mancini right now makes no sense at all. Here’s a quick history lesson, Inter have gone through 7 coaches since the treble winning season that many of you are still stuck on. If you haven’t really paid any attention (which I don’t think many do) we haven’t been able to have any sort of consistency with our teams. Blame the coaches all you want, but when you see 6 solid coaches, not including Benitez, fail in a row then you have to start thinking that the problem isn’t just the coach.

Inter haven’t signed the best names around, even after winning a treble. The team was never properly rebuilt after the champions left. Managers had tried but failed or were not given the backing they needed. This isn’t about stats, wins, losses, goals scored, injuries…etc. it’s about not taking the time to focus on what’s needed to continue success for the future rather than the present. Which brings us to our situation today. A debt ridden club who had to bring in new owners to save us from Financial Fair Play (unfortunately, FFP is not in FIFA manager mode yet so people can finally learn what it is). So by hiring a new coach, we would still be paying for Mancini and the new manager.

Mancini has the ability to attract players to Inter. He brought in players like Shaqiri, Kondogbia, Perisic, and Jovetic, to name a few. Think back to when Inter was the best team in Italy the first time he coached Inter. He was able to build the foundation of a winning team. Now this summer we managed to get Banega, Erkin and Ansaldi so far.

Inter has been missing structure, organization and consistency. New coaches and new players every season will not help Inter. It hasn’t worked and I think the upper management is beginning to realize this by actually keeping Mancini and letting him work for a few years.

Keep in mind the season has not started yet and if you’ve found yourself already questioning the team because they lost to 4-0 vs Bayern (one of the best teams in the world right now) then you need to re-evaluate your opinion. Another note, let’s be happy Manaj will not be at Inter this coming season as he’s not very good.


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