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Former AC Milan captain Massimo Ambrosini commented on Montolivo’s injury and Locatelli’s opportunity.

Former AC Milan star Ambrosini has commented on how the loss of Montolivo will in fact work in Locatelli’s favour.

This is due to the fact that his injury has accelerated his position from the bench to the first team, as well as attain valuable game time the loss of Montolivo allows the youngster.

Commentating post game to Sky Sports, Ambrosini stated the following;

“Montella said how important Riccardo is for the team.

Montolivo was declared irreplaceable from his point of view  due to Montolivo’s contribution to the game and in the locker room, this injury definitely accelerates the insertion of Locatelli into the team and will be a good opportunity to understand AC Milan’s mechanisms.”

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