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Roma and Lazio midfielders Alessandro Florenzi and Antonio Candreva spoke to the media this afternoon about the spirit of the squad, their opponents Sweden and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

“The Azzurri shirt unites all of us and should unite all football supporters in Italy”

Alessandro Florenzi

“We communicate with each other very well and a lot of that is down to the gaffer and the way he gets us to buy into his philosophy.”

“When you all run together towards the same goal, you could run another 100 km without feeling it.”

“This means that perhaps we aren’t the inadequate squad lacking skilful players that some newspapers suggested before the tournament. After the Belgium result, a lot of them have been eating their words. We need to think about action and we’ll leave the talking to others.”

“I’ve been available since the 18th May, I feel good. I know how to play anywhere in midfield apart from in Daniele [De Rossi]’s position. That means that I offer a lot of options to the boss and I hope I’ll get the opportunity to help the team.”

“It’s the most important thing to have happened in my life. It’s something that changes your way of thinking and my daughter will improve my life, my wife’s life and the lives of her grandparents.”

Antonio Candreva

“We’ve been doing important preparation since the 18th May and we are ready to play in all these up-coming matches”.

“They’ll have the game of their lives against us; we know it’ll be difficult but we want to seal qualification to the knock-out phase”.

“Ibrahimovic is a great champion, a fantastic player and he can hurt us all on his own, but we have to play our own game albeit with certain adaptations to counter their strengths and take advantage of their weaknesses”.

“We still have to get through, making calculations now is wrong. We remember what happened at the World Cup in Brazil when we were knocked out after winning the first game.”

“We are playing for Marchisio and Verratti as well and we know that they’re our biggest fans”

“It’s right that it’s like that, Buffon, Barzagli, Bonucci and Chiellini are winners and used to these big occasions.”

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