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Miralem Pjanic’s move to Juventus is all but complete, but words are still being spent on how the deal came to pass.

The Pjanic to Juve saga has been the subject of much speculation in the media in recent weeks, some of which has included accusations that Roma were eager to cash in on the Bosnian. Corriere dello Sport reported that Pjanic wrote on WhatsApp to a friend claiming, ‘They sold me in fifteen minutes. It was them who called Juve, they need the money’.

This morning Roma director Mauro Baldissoni took to airwaves of the club’s official station, Roma Radio, to set the record straight. ‘When the boundaries of professionalism are exceeded one needs to take action’, he said.

‘Today we’ve read yet more nonsense regarding the Pjanic story and people are even talking about WhatsApp messages that the player himself denies, according to which it was Roma who first contacted Juve. It’s necessary to deny such nonsense in this climate.

‘We’re obliged to defend Roma fans who hear lies every day. One day we have to deny the buy out clause, another day we have to reject false claims such as those regarding the WhatsApp messages in which it was said that Roma pushed Pjanic in the direction of Juventus’.

In order to strengthen his case that Roma indeed wanted to hold on to the midfielder, Baldissoni brandished a letter from Pjanic himself in which he expressly stated his desire to free himself of his contract with Roma and move to Juventus.

‘Reporting always has to be verified otherwise you can end up with nonsense as in this case. The unacceptable thing is that I actually have to produce a document to show how things happened. Pallotta said that he didn’t want to sell him but it wasn’t up to us since there was a buy out clause. Pjanic is leaving because of this clause and yet all of sudden it becomes ”Pallotta tells lies”. This isn’t normal’.

Giuseppe Marotta corroborated Roma’s story when he spoke to, ‘The will of the player was decisive, he really wanted to come to Juventus. There was no negotiating between the two clubs, just a few meetings to determine the payment of the buy out clause. He’ll be taking his medical with us shortly’.

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