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In an exclusive interview with Premium Sport, Milan president Silvio Berlusconi talked about the club’s future.

Recent rumours were confirmed, as Berlusconi admitted that the deal with Sino Europe Sports could be postponed. The Chinese group, who has been in talks with Berlusconi since this summer, is aspiring to purchase Milan. However, as the current president of the club confessed, Chinese bureaucracy can be painfully slow:

“In China you often have to wait for long periods of time in order to get authorisations. We’ve decided to allow a delay of one month and a half, if the deal is still incomplete on the 13th of December.”

 Berlusconi then expressed his personal opinion, a very positive one, on the aspiring buyers:

“I met the main representative of the group and he is serious, intelligent and informed, as well as a Milan supporter. This person [who’s identity is left unrevealed] told me who his partners would be. They are surely trustworthy people, judging by the information that we have received from the banks.”

Hence, Milan fans needn’t worry about the intentions and competence of the incoming owners of the club. There is also no need to worry about the future of Milan’s young talents. Berlusconi categorically confirmed that the club has no intention of selling its youngsters:

“We have received many offers for Donnarumma, De Sciglio and Romagnoli but we have promptly rejected them all. They are not for sale; these are the young players around which Milan’s victorious future will be built”.  

Finally, Berlusconi talked about potentially remaining within the Club:

“I might stay in the form honorary president, although I have been asked to continue as the club’s president. If they wish to exploit my experience, I will need to have the possibility to discuss with the manager and the players, as I’ve done for the past 30 years.”

A tranquil and positive attitude, it seems, with regards to the club’s future: victorious, young and in safe hands.

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