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Donadoni praises his players after a tough draw against league-leaders Juventus.

After a hard-fought 0-0 scoreline against the defending Scudetto champions Juventus, Bologna manager Roberto Donadoni spoke to Mediaset Premium in a post-match interview:

On the scoreless draw:

Facing the first place team after 15 straight victories and ending it, was not easy. The boys did well. They did all that they could do, they played a good game. On a few instances, we could have been more decisive and offered more going forward but I am satisfied. There is room for improvement on a invididual and collective level.

I did not want us to stop playing, it seemed that Juventus were not creating any danger. We did well in our defensive half. I wanted the team to try until the end without losing balance. The response was importance. It is easy to make changes with players who have a positive mentality.

On a future return to Milan’s bench:

I do not think about it. There are sympathies and affection towards Milan but my future will depend on what I will do here.

On who are the favorites for the Scudetto:

Both Napoli and Juventus have what it takes to fight until the end. Juventus must continue to do what they are doing now to remain at the top but Napoli is a very good team.


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