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Roberto Donadoni puts the weight of the loss on his shoulders as Bologna succumb to an embarrassing defeat to Napoli.

Speaking to Sky following Bologna’s crushing 6-0 defeat to Napoli, Roberto Donadoni found this type of loss hard to accept:

We were inferior in every way. I take responsibility for the loss and it is only right that I assume this role. It is a harsh defeat that should make everyone think. We must grasp the significance of this loss and move forward.

The fight for safety all depends on us, if we approach it the right way and avoid being fearful of what could happen. We will have the chance to have the final say as early as Sunday. If we do not have the proper aggressiveness against a squad like Napoli, everything becomes much more difficult.

If we look back at the game against Torino, we ran a lot more which means there is fuel in the tank. On a mental level, there is no longer that determination. The squad has the attitude of being afraid to lose before even going out on the pitch.

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