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Bologna’s head coach Delio Rossi has called up 21 players for the clash with Sassuolo tomorrow afternoon. Absentees other than Oikonomou, who’s injured, include Daniele Cacia as he nears his transfer to Serie B with Pescara. Also, the first call for Godfred Donsah, who arrived a few days ago from Cagliari.

The list:

Goalkeepers: Da Costa, Mirante, Stojanovic.

Defenders: Ceccarelli, Ferrari, Maietta, Masina, Mbaye, Morleo, Rossettini.

Midfielders: Crimi, Crisetig, Diawara, Donsah, Pulgar, Silvestro.

Attackers: Acquafresca, Brienza, Destro, Falco, Mancosu.

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