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The former Milan head coach spoke to the media today about his time at Milan and how he is adapting as head coach of Serie B side Brescia.

Cristian Brocchi on his time at Milan and how he as adapted to life as a coach:

“Milan? They are like a family to me, but I’d rather not talk about it. The love for the Rossonerri is too great, but the wound is still open. The coach is the one who has the greatest responsibility, who pays first if things go wrong. I have tried to learn from the best coaches I have had in the past, with that I also take the negatives and try not to repeat them. I’ve had good coaches in the past such as Ancelotti and Reja, but for me I say the best was Prandelli. He taught me so much from the tactical and moral point of view. Today I see myself in him.”

Brocchi on his current Brescia side:

“We are working hard and well. A house is not built in one day, but brick by brick. You should never think too big, when you’ve done something good the time is unconsciously short. Our key Player? Andrea Caracciolo, apart from being the team’s captain he is a very positive leader. Despite his age and his numbers, he still wants to lead by example.”

Brocchi on foreigners in Italy:

“Foreigners stealing Italian players’ places? This is not just a problem in Italian football, but an Italian problem in general. Something has to be changed if we want to protect the national team.” 

Brocchi spent the later part of the 2016 season on the Milan sideline and was dismissed after he was unable to lead the side to the Europa League. Brocchi picked up his first win as Brescia coach this past weekend with a 2-0 victory over Frosinone.

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