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Buffon: “Goalkeepers are Penalized”

Juventus shotstopper Gianluigi Buffon spoke out against harsh treatment of goalkeepers today.

“There is a knowledge gap with respect to the goalkeeper’s role. Some comments infuriate or make one laugh – depending on how one wakes up on the morning. When journalists speak about a goalkeeping mistake they should explain exactly what the mistake was, otherwise they condition the viewer. Players are not forgiven for mistakes: the same should happen for journalists. In truth, I hear a lot of nonesense. Thankfully, once in a while [former Italy and Lazio goalkeeper Gianluca] Marchegiani will take the time and explain specific dynamics”, he told Corriere dello Sport.

Buffon then turned to other aspects that penalize goalkeepers: “Coaches don’t employ enough time to the technical aspect, including those of goalkeeping. The new balls don’t help either: they’re designed to have unnatural trajectories. Finally, the ‘last man’ rule is inhumane: at the beginning of my career coming out low on a 1-on-1 was one of my calling cards, but over the years I have been forced to phase it out because of the risk of expulsion”.

And on this last point, Buffon proposes an amendment: “Perhaps the red card could be given if such a foul is committed in the last 20 minutes of a match, and a yellow if committed earlier”.

Buffon has made 23 appearances in all competitions for Juventus this season, conceding 19 goals.




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