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Italy captain Gianluigi Buffon spoke to the media today about his side’s upcoming clash against Sweden on Friday.

After claiming all three points against Belgium in match-day 1, gli Azzurri now look to take on Sweden. With the game set to kickoff tomorrow, Sky caught up with Buffon and spoke to him about the game. The Juventus keeper said,:

“We’re comfortable with the result and the performance against Belgium. Our strength is that we know our talents and our limits. This must remain that way. We can’t be presumptuous.”

Is Ibrahimovic their number one danger?

“Definitely. I began knowing him from that goal in Portugal that cost us a lot. Throughout his entire career, he confirmed his technical and acrobatic qualities.”

What are the side’s biggest guarantees?

“The fact that we have found a compactness and a team that works together. Otherwise, we always pour our heart into the game in order to be protagonists.”


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