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Cassano possible return to Sampdoria


From the moment Cassano bid farewell to Sampdoria the rumor mill has been spinning out of control about his possible return.

Rumors invented on the Internet for more clicks are just an illusion and that these rumors still live on are preexisting from when Cassano last played for la samp. These days a new hypothesis for the possibility that a Cassano-Sampdoria reunion can happen with recent comments from the barese, when he said: “I want to come back.” The possibility of a return may come to fruition do to the recent calls by Antonio’s entourage to reconnect with Sampdoria president Edoardo Garrone.

Cassano agreed to join Parma this past summer because Mazzarri said that he did not want to keep him around. Bozzo, who is a very good agent, has had offers from other foreign teams but he did not want to go outside of Italy. Bozzo in recent years has done a great job for Cassano. Bringing him to some big teams, before Parma there were contacts abroad, even from Monaco. However when we talk about Antonio, he is always the protagonist of the decisions made on where he play’s, he is one of the few who always have a say on transfers and is respective of the interests of a certain team and the roles between booth parties. Like, when he could have gone to Juve and instead went to Rome because of the sympathy shown by the fans. Parma’s Leonardi and Ghirardi did enough to convince him to stay, and at Parma he is playing well but has never hid the desire to return to la Samp. He’s a player who always sees the big picture regarding the situation, now he wants to go back to Genoa.
With Mihajlovic, who has known Cassano from his days at Roma, and Garrone wanting to change the striker situations at la Samp, where it has been known that he was very disappointed by the decisions made by Osti and Sagramaola. It has been know that there have been talks with Monaco and Corvino, who could arrive in summer to revolutionize the entire structure of the team.

Who is pushing for a return of Cassano to Sampdoria?

Surely it has been Antonio. In his mind, in his head and in his heart there is the idea of a possible return and if there was a possibility that the deal could be made tomorrow, and Samp calls, he would be available. Sampdoria have excellent relations with Parma, both clubs co-own Biabiany.

Certainly, the past cannot be erased but some situations have been resolved with an apology and also with time. Cassano also with several phone calls has become closer to the environment. Compared to the past, there is a different relationship even if the health of Cassano remains a question mark. He still has many friends on Sampdoria who know him perfectly, for better or for worse. For the most part, Parma would not let him leave so lightly, they would first have to find a replacement. Losing him mid-season would be a gamble. Having arrived on a free transfer there would be no budget problems, but a transfer in June is definitely easier.

What are the chances that he comes back to La Samp?

There are some good opportunities; we are also in mid-November, a difficult period. January is close but not too much time. It’s clear that its in the back of Cassano’s mind and there is a desire to return to Sampdoria. There are so many pieces that need to fall into place. It’s tougher in January, as there are more obstacles then a transfer in June, but talking recently to people very close to Cassano, one thing is for certain, he wants to return to Sampdoria and he is pushing for it with all his heart.



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