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Alessio Cerci is looking to relaunch himself, and is working to get back into a position to challenge for a Euro 2016 spot on Antonio Conte’s roster.

However, Cerci made sure to let his feelings be known about the past.

“At Atletico Madrid, I had only a little amount of playing time. But the decision to go to Milan was a mistake. I could’ve gone onward with Atletico and look to fight for a little longer. I can’t speak on Milan, though.”

Cerci told La Gazzetta he wanted to use Genoa as a trampoline and relaunch himself back to the top.

“When I was at Torino and was in form, I was convinced I could go play for the Nazionale. I’m not convinced I could go today.”

“In my life I’ve met [only one] coach like Ventura that knew the keys to make me become the player that I am. I hope for the same with Mr. Gasperini.

“In the last year, I’ve played only a little. Genoa is an opportunity to take it back. Preziosi tried for me insistently. He did everything to bring me to Genoa 5 years ago already. I’ve found a very helpful environment. After a ‘so-so’ period, I’ve needed this. Gasperini’s offensive style of play is adapted to my characteristics. This is a point in my favor. The objective is to get back into shape as soon as possible because the methods of his training are different. Everything is going well.”

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