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Chiellini’s Interview: “When Conte Arrived I Saw That There Were The Bases To Return To Winning”

Giorgio Chiellini spoke yesterday to Sky Sport 24, answering to many questions related to Juventus, his career and his future. “Scirea left me important values, like to all the sportsmen. The passion for what we do ties us, then we are speaking of a person that will always be remembered as an angel. I didn’t accept his jersey because he is unreachable. I didn’t feel to be up to his levels.”

“Prandelli-Conte? These situations can happen but at the end it resolved very quietly, the NT worked at its best and I managed to do it how I had to with the nod of the Juve staff.”

“I hope that Conte stays, we are not thinking about that because the attention towards the pitch is a lot, it allowed us to near Scudetto, the biggest mistake would be to relax. In the next weeks we’ll play every three day. Very dangerous matches, beside the two games against Fiorentina. March will say a lot.”

“Champions or WC? I would sign for one of those, I can’t pick one. Strongest defender? Thiago Silva. Conte or Prandelli? Two excellent coaches. Finishing the career at Juventus? I hope so, I turn 30 in August, you never know what will happen in the next year, there is the will from both parties to go on together.”

“WC? It will be important to pass the group stage, a difficult task, we have some chances in the direct clashes. Most bothering striker? Ibrahimovic, a winning player that has incredible skills, this year I think the best is Higuain.”

“Real Madrid? There have been some situations in the past, after the two bad years I couldn’t bear it anymore, then Conte arrived and I stayed, I saw that there were the bases to return to winning. Best game? Italy-Spain in 2008.”

“My idol was Maldini but he’s unreachable for hsi qualities, Cannavaro and Legrottaglie are the two that taught me the most. Will you coach Jvuentus? I don’t think so, there are many things of being a coach that I don’t like. It’s hard for me to think about the future now. I don’t know what I would like to do next. I don’t have a precise idea.”

“Tevez? A great professional, he never gives up, he brought an incredible motivation, a strong personality. Champions? We made mistakes in the first two games, two important errors we paid for in the Cup. Sincerely we feel that we are stronger than in the previous years, we would have liked to confront with the other teams until the end. We still regret that?

“Will Pogba stay? I hope so, staying with us would be important for his growth. He’s establishing himself with Juventus, he can improve with our advice. Strongest player I played with? Buffon, I think he’s the strongest GK of all times.”

“Third Scudetto? It’s important to celebrate it, the date is relative. We have a delicate month, the hope is to continue this positive streak. We’ll see game by game. In how many years can Juventus win Champions league? There is a considerable financial gap, it’s hard to compete with certain club, but Champions League are strange, not every time the best team win. The Europa League will help us in the growing process.”

“Conte and Mazzarri? They take care of every detail, in the first period you saw Mazzarri’s Inter, especially what he can give to the team, he showed it at Napoli, reaching Europe.”



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