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The Juventus coach spoke after the final whistle in Verona after his side triumphed by a score of 2-1.

Juventus keeps on winning in Serie A, this is now their third straight victory after losing at the San Siro on October 22. This time it was Chievo Verona who suffered at the hands of the Bianconeri. The match was decided by a beautiful free kick from specialist Miralem Pjanic from just outside the box. Juventus coach Max Allegri spoke with Premium Sport after the match about his team,

“Barzagli’s shoulder was dislocated, the doctors popped it back in and he’s recovering. The lads played a good match, we had plenty of chances in a tough match in a tough month. I asked Mandzukic and Higuain to sacrifice themselves for the team and they did. Technically we played well and I’m happy.”

“Comparisons to Capello’s Juventus? I vaguely remember those teams but I know they won like this team. Every opponent gets more difficult, we have to find different motivation for each match to win. Today it was Chievo tomorrow we’ll focus on Pescara, one step at a time. Matches nowadays last 95 minutes, we have to hammer at our opponents from the first minute of the match to the last.  When we play in a three man midfield with Pjanic on the left he has to close down the opposing right back to allow him less space, that gives us an advantage as was the case today. In football you must be able to run in addition to play well. I thought Higuain played very well. We need someone to play in between the lines in Dybala’s absence. We could have scored many more goals on the chances we missed in this match.”

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