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Prior to managing one of the most significant football clubs in Italian history, current Juventus manager Allegri established himself as a leading midfielder with Pescara in the early 90’s. He made his way throughout various Serie B and lower league clubs (Cuoiopelli, Livorno and Pisa to name a few) before emerging with Pescara for their first ever switch into Serie A.

By: Marianne Iannaci.

As a player, Allegri was nothing short of a play maker and gained much respect as a top goal scorer. Ranking with 16 goals in his first two years playing Serie A, finishing was no problem for him despite the team’s poor overall standing that year in 1992. His offensive style of play worked well for Pescara who benefited from having a creative midfielder. The ability to foresee plays and adapt to versatility within the game, was a huge asset for Allegri. Cagliari later picked him up, adding an extra 4 goals throughout the duration of his contract. His switch to Perugia after two years resulted in another 10 goals playing midfielder, before the move back to Pescara.


Retirement for the Juventus front runner came in 2003 after he and six other Italiano’s were banned for one year during the 2000 Coppa Italia for fixing a tie game. Allegri joined lower league team, Aglianese for two short years before his playing days came to a close in Tuscany. He went straight to coaching within Aglianese.

Determination, poise and creativity are instilled in Massimiliano Allegri. A record of experience and likely some regret have shaped a successful player and coach, with qualifications that lead Juventus to their 10th Coppa Italia title this year.

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