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In today’s pre-match press conference, Antonio Conte and Giorgio Chiellini addressed the media before the game against Norway

Conte started the conference and took questions from journalists at the Stadio Olimpico.

“I’m looking to use as many of the starting 11 against Azerbaijan as possible, Eder and Pelle in particular. We have a few defections, some who are fatigued after the game but we’re ready to face Norway.”

“To go to the Euros will be a unique experience, that I’ve always envied my colleagues who’ve gone. This time it will be my pleasure.

“Whoever wants to make it to the Italy team, must show to be superior to those who I’ve brought here up until this point.”

Conte seemingly took a shot at AC Milan attacker Mario Balotelli in the next line.

“No, I won’t call somebody to the Nazionale who has scored only two goals or who has played well in only a few games.

“Bonucci’s praise? He’s a part of it! -Conte smiles- but anyways it makes me happy. Compliments to the guys, to the players who are doing great.

“Is the top 4 our objective? It depends on the skill, on certain plays, it’s never easy to outline your objectives. We won’t start as the favorites to win it, but we’ll work hard to get back there.

“Tomorrow we’ll play with the will to win knowing well of the difficulty that there will be against Norway.

“Verratti? He had a small knock to the calf, if it were a decisive game, I would have risked him, but this time I prefer not to. He’s demonstrated himself.”


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