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Conte: “We Aim to Win, as Always”

The Turk Telekom Arena, the loudest football stadium on Earth, will be the site of spectacle when Juventus FC and Galatasaray SK meet tomorrow.

Galatasary vs Juventus - Champions League 2013/2014

Juventus boss Antonio Conte and shot-stopper Gianluigi Buffon represented the bianconeri in the press conference ahead of the decisive Champions League clash.

What kind of a game will it be?
Conte: “It’s a test match.  It’s not the first one that we play this season.  I hope to play other games like this one in the future”.

You will surely find an unfriendly atmosphere at the Turk Telekom…
Buffon: “I have never seen a fan score a goal.  If it happens, then they should disallow it, so from that viewpoint we’re quite serene [laughs].  However, I believe that much will depend on our approach and our response to the climatic challenges that will surely arise.  Just like what happened in Glasgow against Celtic last year”.

Before the Euro 2012 Final you said that the strongest team doesn’t always win, but the better team.  How do you feel about tomorrow’s game being the strongest side? Are you afraid of not being the better side?
Buffon: “The difference is that in this case, we would benefit from two out of three results [a draw and a win].  This means that if the score is tied our adversaries must gamble a little more, thus risking a little more.  Therefore, this is a different situation from past matches”.

And to Mr. Conte, do you feel you have to hammer your lads more for this game, or let up?
Conte: “I try to be a manager, not a tool [laughs]”.

What are your chances of going through to the next round?
Conte: “50/50, and may the best team advance”.

Galatasary vs Juventus - Champions League 2013/2014


In Serie A, Buffon hasn’t allowed a goal in 7 games.  But tomorrow you play against stars the likes of Sneijder and Drogba…
Buffon: “When you compete at this level you always meet quality players, therefore the risk to allow goals is always present.  Galatasaray has world-renowned players who can create problems for us.  The important thing is to have a solution… “.
Conte: “Players like Drogba and Sneijder are always dangerous, we have to be attentive and careful the entire match”.

Does the fact that you will begin with a favourable result help you?
Conte: “We won’t let the fact that we have two out of three results at our disposal condition our approach to the game.  We will play our usual game.  To model our approach based on the result is not part of our mentality: we will aim to win, as always”.

Mancini is having some issues with Galatasaray…
Conte: “It takes time to assimilate to a new environment and to impose ideas onto the team.  Mancini is a great coach and Galatasaray is in good hands, as it was with Terim”.


Galatasary vs Juventus - Champions League 2013/2014


You will play without Pirlo…
Conte: “Unfortunately Pirlo will miss this match.  We’ve done it without him against Udinese and Bologna.  Tomorrow we must do better”.




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