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The Napoli Patron confirmed that he rejected the Blues offer for Kalidou Koulibaly this summer.

Speaking to SKY Sports UK, Aurelio De Laurentiis commented on the current state of affairs of Napoli, the San Paolo and Kalidou Koulibaly.

“Everybody says that Napoli’s stadium isn’t nice, but the stadium isn’t mine. It’s the city’s. The only maintenance work is done on my dollar. I raised the prices of the curva tickets to the same as Athletic Bilbao, and for the same €40 you can go to a Juventus game. I offer a spectacle on the field in the league. You pay €40 for Juventus, just like you pay €40 to see Napoli. It’s equal.”

“Koulibaly? My friend Conte will always say that it’s not true, but they offered us more than €50 million for Kalidou. And at the end they offered €58 million. With Chelsea, we’ll talk about it again next year.”

“Arsenal’s offer for Higuain. I don’t remember it.”

“I want a stadium of 20 thousand seats, with 5 thousand tickets for free for those who live in the slums of Napoli. When I say I want to reform the world of football, people say that I’m crazy. But those people are losing money and I’m not.

“Imaging rights? Well, if I pay, then I want to have it all.”

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