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“Shut up, you piece of sh*t Gypsy!”

Daniele De Rossi the heart and soul of Roma faces a ban of up to 10 matches after calling Mario Mandzukic a “piece of sh*t gypsy.”  Marca

Roma boss Luciano Spalletti came to his defense saying:

“De Rossi? He didn’t cover his mouth [when talking to Mandzukic]. I will teach him to cover his mouth with his hand. Mandzukic had been taking the piss out of everybody for 10 minutes and nobody told him anything.

I’m going to tell my players to do like him and to cover their mouths so you can’t lip-read. De Rossi just replied to what his opponent said to him. He needs to behave better, but when you are losing you may lose your temper and forget to cover your mouth, keeping your hands close to your body instead of covering your mouth. We will teach him that.”

Racism has no place in Football in today’s football. These incidents should make ALL players pay the price. Bans and fines are necessary, but does it mean it will end it? No player or coach should be let off easy when it comes to this.

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