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 Roberto Donadoni spoke to the press prior to the clash with Inter tomorrow night.

“We know we’re going to a confront a great team, that is finding a certain continuity and has important objetives. It will be nice for us and to measure ourselves against a strong side like Inter. We’re going to Milano with ferocious determination, with the certainty that we are growing. We need, however, more conviction in the last few meters, more desire to go in on goal, and to exploit what we get, and teams like Inter don’t concede many chances. We’ve been on a different level giving up only a little in the defensive end and that satisfies us.
“Between Mancini and myself there’s a good relationship, we’ve been adversaries on the pitch and teammates in the Nazionale: he’s very talented, in azzurro he did perhaps less than we expected of him, but he was a tremendous player.”
Bologna are in 9th place and are undergoing a renaissance this season, after being promoted from Serie B. It hasn’t been smooth sailing from the get-go, as the club greatly struggled in the beginning with Delio Rossi

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