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On Edinson Cavani’s (a.k.a El Matador) birthday, we decided to make a tribute to one of Napoli’s all-time great players.

On his 30th birthday, Edinson Cavani went up against Barcelona in a Round of 16 UCL clash and scored PSG’s 4th goal which may have put the nail in Barcelona’s coffin. Napoli fans know all too well Cavani’s influence on big matches, especially in the UCL. It comes to no surprise that the hit-man scored in such a massive game for the Parisian side.

Cavani can be largely considered the best Napoli player in the Aurelio De Laurentiis era down in the South of Italy. It is only right to give a tribute to a special player that played in front of a special fan base who loved the man so much. It was a shame Cavani left after only 3 years, but those three years were just enough to get the whole world accepting Napoli as a top team again since the days of Diego Armando Maradona, and Cavani was the biggest part of that movement.

The goals against Manchester City, home and away; the goal against Chelsea; the hattrick against Roma;the hattrick against Juventus… There were countless moments like this that made Napoli fans believe. El Matador made a whole people believe that their Partenopei were back and weren’t going to settle. That’s what made Cavani so special to Napoli fans, that’s why many Napoli fans even consider him a Napoli legend. Also, with 104 goals in 3 years, it’s hard to argue against his legendary status for Napoli.

All in all, we have to say happy birthday to a Napoli and Serie A legend who certainly left his mark in the south of the Peninsula playing for Palermo and Napoli. El Matador’s influence will seldom be forgotten within the minds of Calcio fanatics and most notably, Napoli fans.

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