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The End of IFD: A great experiment runs it’s course

To all of our readers over the past several years, I can’t express my gratitude for your support.

So, this is really it. A few days after Juventus’ utter capitulation in Cardiff, I am acting on my promise to formally cease operations at IFD.

Over the past month or so, I hosted a handful of live Periscope sessions to announce the shutdown of the website and its social media accounts. All of this was planned and had been thought through for a long time. In order to understand my decision, we have to go back to the very beginning.

If I told you this whole thing started off as a gradeschool project, would you believe me? The truth is, I never thought in 2017 I would be writing a ‘signing-off’ article on a project that I was working on in order to just graduate high school. Life’s funny, isn’t it?

Fresh out of high school, life changed in more ways than I could possibly describe. Friends have come and gone, as have many writers and colleagues. Goals and ambitions have been both charted and accomplished, and of course, many failures have transpired. As a young man currently enrolled in college, I can say with confidence the trial and error I applied here at IFD has taught me more about the world and how it works than being in a classroom. I have the privilege to say that I have learned many things that would otherwise be impossible had I not taken that leap of faith several years ago. It was a journey without an end-goal, and I just went with it. In the end, closing down IFD is actually being used as a springboard to another massive project that will further advance myself and my writers who are coming with me to MLS. At the end of every dusk, a new dawn awaits.

I’ve said it many times, American soccer is growing to new heights and needs a fresh new set of voices and writers to help appeal to a largely forgotten audience – the youth.

Of course, my target audience isn’t exclusively millennials or to any demographic bracket at all. Soccer (football) in essence is a language that is not spoken by our voices, but by something else entirely. It’s a language that is understand by the young and the old, by those who transgress all walks of life, upper and lower class, no matter where you live.

Because of interacting with thousands and thousands of people, I’ve learned first hand what it means to be involved in the ‘world’s game’. I hope that the achievements and mistakes I’ve made help guide me to a better future both personally, and professionally. I and my writers begin a new chapter that will hopefully pay dividends in the near future. For those who have written for IFD in the past or present, I extend my utmost gratitude and respect.

I owed you, the readers, an explanation and full. I hope I did a good job of conveying my thoughts in a clear manner. This isn’t a goodbye, we’re just simply changing our focus to something new and fresh.

With all that said, I hope you all follow our work at, where we will delve into the world of American-Canadian soccer – the final frontier of football in the world.

Grazie a tutti



Alex Mascitti

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