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Italian journalist Enzo Bucchioni spoke to TMW about AC Milan’s current situation and revealed the one man that can possibly save this disastrous team: Antonio Conte.

“After spending 100 million Euros in the market and not showing the right results, Berlusconi wants to offload coach Mihajlovic. Indeed I expect more from Mihajlovic too, as does everyone, but obviously it’s hard to ask for humility and sacrifice from these Milan players. The ones with more personality such as Nigel De Jong, who shows heart, should be playing, while those like Montolivo you can maybe do without. Surely, however, Mihajlovic will not be completely exonerated. A change in the technical field now, at this point in the season, would serve little no purpose and even Berlusconi knows it. Galliani has one mission come next June: convince Conte. Berlusconi wants a coach on the sidelines who uses all his might. Berlusconi is convinced that Conte and Conte only could bring back his poor excuse of AC Milan. They have already contacted the Italy coach’s entourage and preliminary small talk did not even happen; the coach has decided to leave the Italian national team after the Euro and AC Milan is certainly a place that has helped inspire him to make that decision. When there is rubble needed to be rebuilt, just as there was with Juve five seasons ago, Conte is the man you call to fix it.”

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