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Fiorentina coach Paulo Sousa spoke to Premium Sport after defeating Udinese 3-0.

“We believe in what we are doing and making the appropriate decisions. Sometimes it goes well, sometimes no. The team is always ready to win with great desire and quality play.”

“Today it was a tough match and we did well. We needed lots of intensity, both collective and individual, and we had many moments of great football that made us win.”

“Bernardeschi has worked hard from the first day, trying to learn and understand certain tactical concepts. This is making him grow and mature. He is extraordinary and has room to grow as he is playing in a different role where Sunday after Sunday he is doing his thing.”

“I feel bad about Rossi not playing. He is a great player that can give a lot to the team, but now we are doing well with the current lineup. He must always keep himself ready, he will return to the top and will have his opportunity.”


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