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Fiorentina Coach Paulo Sousa spoke to the media after his team succumbed to a draw, after leading 2-0 at half time, once again.

Talking to Rai Sport, Sousa commented:

“I’m glad to be able to work, it’s my passion. I always want to get the maximum to ensure individual and collective results.”

“Have I ever thought about resigning? I have already answered that: I like what I do and I wish to continue doing what I love. I’m not the type of coach who sits back when faced with difficulties. I understand the disappointment of the city and the fans, have the right to demonstrate I am capable.”

What happened to Fiorentina in the second half?

“Today we could not hold the lead or maintain the right pace, we slowed down and as a result we suffered. We need to improve in order to suffer less.”

How do you rate the performances of the January signings?

“I made a clear decision early in the season, it is the manager who has to talk and deal with the market. The players deserved to be mentioned, we are trying to improve them and to build a team capable of winning. I think that a deeper analysis is to be done, but it is not the time. “

How do you explain the goals conceded Thursday in the cup and tonight?

“We have an attacking team, when we can we’re incisive and we force our opponents back. Sometimes you don’t succeed. It’s hard to keep an increasingly high pace, we had no alternative to hold an important rate of pressure.”

Does the club have confidence in you?

“I always try to be focused on the things I can control. What you have just asked me, I have no control over. I’ll try to finish my work, together with the boys. I’m glad to see the players work, and honour the jersey. We will do so until the end. I continue to go on as I began, with a lot of honesty. “

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