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1. Ivan Strinic should start at left-back for the remainder of the season.

Strinic started at left-back in place of Faouzi Ghoulam again and once more, put in a good performance. Many criticize the Croatian for not being an offensive threat, but the match against Lazio showed that Strinic doesn’t have to be dominant going forward in order for Napoli to score goals.
The 29-year-old did help going forward though, passing the ball on to Lorenzo Insigne and positioning himself well in case he was called upon to make a cross. Strinic’s passed the ball accurately once again, including moving the ball up the field out of the back. The defender completes his passes at a 91.5 percent success rate in the league this season.
Strinic has looked a lot better at the fullback position than Ghoulam recently. Strinic looks focused in his area of the field and pays attention to the opposing threat throughout the entire match. His style of short passing also plays well into Napoli’s scheme. Napoli should start for the rest of the season since it’s playing well with the player at left-back.

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