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Il Capitano celebrated his 40th birthday yesterday and expressed his gratitude to everyone, as an influx of wishes comes in for the legendary Roman.

Yesterday, Francesco Totti blewsout the candles on his 40th. Touched by the comments received from people inside the football and sporting world, he spoke about the tributes he’s received in an interview with Sky Sport.

I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. I never expected such an important tribute. I am pleased to receive wishes from icons of the sports world. I thank Messi, I knew him as a person and he is a phenomenon even outside of the pitch.

On Alessandro Del Piero:

I remember the 4-0 very well (laughs). We have always remained friends. We have always searched to reach our objectives together and at the World Cup, we did it. I am proud to have known him as a person.

On himself and his career:

I have always tried to be a serious professional. I always gave my best, even if a few injuries had slowed me down. The desire, the passion and the enjoyment are still there. I have a lot of desire in me. 

At 16, I made my debut in Serie A. At that age, we must only think of having fun. With determination, you can reach important strides despite all difficulties. The important thing is to always give it your all, for yourself and for the team. The most difficult moments of my career where those related the the injuries. Then there was the end of my contract, when I thought about changing clubs, but my friends and family convinced me stay and thankfully, I am still here. This morning, I thought about unplugging the phone and call in sick but it is a very important day.

There were moments where I thought of leaving, especially the year after the Scudetto, when I was close to joining Real Madrid. I would have only gone to Madrid but at the end of it all, many things changed. I had an argument with the President about things which he would not grant me. Then there was the family. I would have been very different in Madrid. There were discussions, almost every day, but I have never push out a coach and I have never brought in a coach I’ve wanted. I have always felt a part of the group and I have always been on the same side as the club. I am consistent with myself. Candela is one of the dearest friends I have in all of football. I have always respected everyone, even the opponents, who have remained colleagues.

At 40, you think more globally, not only about football. I have a beautiful family, made up of my wife and my children. When I return home, I leave football at the door.


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