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Gabigol‘s agent vents his frustration on the treatment of his client and vows to handle the issue in the January transfer window.

The mystery that is Gabriel Barbosa’s current stint in Italy has many people scratching their heads on if he should have moved from Santos in the first place. Since his transfer, he has only accumulated 16 minutes of action and has yet to convince his manager of warranting a spot in the Starting IX. It is a situation where Gabigol could find himself in a whole new environment come January and his agent, Wagner Ribeiro, explain to Radio Globo that he will correct this issue once the transfer window opens:

Inter are humiliating Gabigol. I will resolve this situation in January. I speak with the President of Santos on a regular basis. Everyone knows that Gabigol’s commitment with Inter is unsustainable in Brasil, no club can afford it. I have been in contact with a club from Rio and one from Minas for a loan but I cannot guarantee anything. I just want more my client to not be humiliated anymore.

Not even Inter can answer why he is not playing. They said he arrived from Brazil in good physical shape. The truth is they are not giving him a chance. He was a starter at Santos, capped by the National Team, came back an Olympic champion and was sold for an extraordinary figure. He has a five-year contract where it does not state he has to be a starter but a player with that kind of baggage who is not valued…it is very unfortunate.

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