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The 22-year old Italian midfielder’s move to the Nerazzurri should be announced today.

His first day as an Inter player started a little before 9 in the morning on Wednesday with the beginning of his medical evaluations.

The Italian press caught up to Gagliardini as he was walking towards the elevators at the Istituto di Medicina dello Sport del Coni di Milano.

“Can we qualify to the next Champions League? We’ll try our best”.

Gagliardini will cost Inter a grand total of around €25 million. €2 million up front for the loan, and then €20 million in June for the buyout. A series of bonuses are also attached to the fee, relating to player and team performance objectives.

He will wear the number 5 or 94 shirt, which has been left open by Felipe Melo’s departure. The latter being the year of his birth.

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