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Juventus striker Gonzalo Higuain spoke to the media about his side’s recent win and his blossoming chemistry with Paulo Dybala.

In his post-match interview with Premium Sport, he told reporters:

“We looked to come into this game with the perfect attitude, we succeeded. We’re on the right path, we hope to continue like this. We’d like to win even on Saturday. I’m going through a good period of time: It’s only the beginning. I’ve been here for two months in a new team, with new teammates. However, I’m getting along just great, I’m happy to be here. Luckily, when you win we can work calmly.”

On his relationship with Dybala, Higuain said:

“I ask him to play closer to me, but there are different circumstances in the game.”

When asked about what’s missing from his side in the final third, he said:

“It’s a new formation and system for me. We’re still trying to understand the movements but we’ll do very good soon. The defence presses really high, this will be an asset for us moving forward.” 


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