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The verdict has arrived, the FIGC have announced that Gonzalo Higuain’s 4-match ban has now been reduced to a 3-match ban, which will now see Higuain able to participate in Napoli’s big match vs Roma.

This will be like music to Napoli fan’s ears as they hear they will have their prized possession back for one of the biggest matches of the season.  The decision from the FIGC came after Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis and Gonzalo Higuain were put in front of a panel of sport judges pleading their case to reduce the ban.

The dream for Napoli was to have the ban reduced to 2 games.  However, the most important thing was to have Gonzalo back for the match against Roma, therefore the club run by De Laurentiis cannot be too upset with the decision.

Higuain will now only serve a suspension for the Inter and Bologna matches.



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