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IFD had the privilege of speaking to FIFA Agent Francesco Garagozzo, who is based in Bologna, Italy.

We quizzed Garagozzo on his thoughts of Juventus’ start to the season and for their future as a force in Europe.

Do you believe Juventus have been able to turn their fortunes around for the long run after the tough start?

11796347_845714515519917_629115698827987684_n“Winning Sunday’s game was very important for Juventus, because other than getting the three points, they’ve gotten their conviction back.

“I believe they will get back up in the table, although I think that this year somebody else will win the Scudetto.”

 With the influx of new young talent, do you see this new Juventus being a premier side in Europe for years to come?

“Juventus will be one of the top 8 sides in Europe. Although today there are at least four superior and have a bigger budget to spend on the transfer market.”

Analyzing the ‘new’ Juventus, we switched gears to discussing the youngsters in which the Bianconeri have invested in.

How do you rate Morata, Pogba and Dybala amongst the other top prospects in Europe?

“Pogba for now is the best of the three, but Morata is coming up quickly and Dybala is a very interesting youngster that’s doing very well now and for years to come.”

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