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On Saturday, New York City FC and Montreal Impact squared off in the Bronx once again, with the latter coming away victorious 3-2 . Italian Football Daily correspondent Daniel Gutman spoke to a few players upon the conclusion of the match

New York City FC midfielder Frank Lampard:

“Frank, David Villa and Andrea Pirlo have historically been opponents for you, how does it feel to play alongside them at NYCFC?”

“It’s a pleasure, and I think time will make us link up even better. I think when you’re dealing with top players and playing with the likes of David, with the runs he makes and what he can create, and I think Andrea is a very particular player, I think he’s a one-off, he has a certain amount of time on the ball that none of us seem to have and quality in delivering the pass, I think it’ll be great to have a good week’s training together, and then we can hopefully start getting those linkups together. It’s a pleasure.”

Montreal Impact midfielder Marco Donadel:

“Today you completely outclassed your opponents with your tactical display, do you feel the influence of Montreal’s past Italian players like Marco Di Vaio and Alessandro Nesta within the club’s tactical approach?”

“No, not really. We are a very young, a very new team. We have our own tactics and we make our own game, I do not think that we feel their influence very much.”

Montreal Impact defender Donny Toia:

“Today, you as a team played a fantastic tactical game, completely outplaying your opponents, the whole team played well but Marco Donadel particularly impressed. Do you see him as the engine, the most important gear in the Montreal Impact machine?”

“Is this a trick question because he is right behind you?”

<he laughs>

Yes, definitely, he’s got great vision, he can see everything around him, and when he gets the ball he plays them over the top and opens up the space for us a lot. Obviously, it’s a big part of the game, and he plays a big role.”

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