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Italy defeated Liechtenstein 4-0 at Rheinpark Stadion on Saturday night in Group G of World Cup Qualification play.

Goalscorer of one of the four goals, Ciro Immobile spoke to Rai Sport after the match.

“We were able to do well, we knew we had to score many goals. We managed to score four, but we could’ve scored just as many in the second half. We’ll take this 4-0 win and restart from here our pursuit for the World Cup. We got in front of the net with little aggression, at times it didn’t go well for us. The 4-0 win away is fine, it was important to not underestimate the game as they say Italy does often.”

Rai Sport brought up the point that Immobile attacked the ball more in the first half and seemed more determined. In the second half, Immobile seemed to stay more in line with fellow forward, Andrea Belotti.

“The way we play in the second half, we were a bit in line; we wanted to send the wingers down the line and it came simpler for us. Their center-midfielder dropped so much and took away the depth, and so we were not able to make exchanges in the first half. In fact, in the second half more opportunities arrived for the wingers.”

Rai asked Immobile if the attacking duo of Immobile-Belotti is the duo of the present and future for the Azzurri.

“With [Belotti] we are building on a journey that began last year and we are a bit more concessional. We try to do our best because the road for the Nazionale cannot be lost, there are many good strikers clawing for a chance. In the past, through my own fault I lost the job and I was not able to make the Euros. The shirt of the national team is important and I want to hold it tight. For this I am giving my maximum effort, at the World Cup I want to be there.”

The striker responded to the question of it there was a dedication for his goal:

“They are important compliments; what I do on the pitch everyone can see, but humility has always been in my character. My dedication goes to my wife, my daughters and my brother. They stayed close to me when I went through difficult moments and they gave me the strength to start again.”

The Lazio forward has scored nine goals in 12 appearances in the Serie A and four goals in his last four matches for Italy.

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