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Juan Jesus was supposed to be the future for Inter’s defense. Captain Ranocchia and Juan consistently started before Mancini brought in Miranda and Murillo (who were spectacular the first half of the season). The plan was to get Juan to grow as a starting center back.

He was the idea of a great center back in the making; strong, fast, and can win his tackles. What goes unnoticed is how bad is positioning was. We saw him chase people down and win tackles, but the main question nobody asks or looks into is, why did he have to chase down the player and win the tackle? The overlooked answer is simple, he had no sense of positioning whatsoever.

The pairing of Ranocchia and Juan didn’t work. Ranocchia’s tall, lanky, slow and prone to error and Juan was out of position running in circles, chasing players to the sideline to either get beat or force a pass, but due to the lack of defensive responsibility at the time, he left Ranocchia and Handanovic for dead.

But that was all in the past when he did actually have a starting role at Inter because for the slight fact, they had nobody else to play CB.

Recently he began playing as a left back, why? because he was more limited, defensively and his speed could actually be used to his benefit to chase players down and win tackles, but he lacked the attacking ability to do literally anything. For a player who showed so much promise and had the first team experience that he had you would expect him to progress into a good if not great center back, but he showed little to no progress since he joined the Nerazzurri.

Inter letting go of Juan is one of the best things they could do for the club. Juan is mediocre at best, on a good day but as a professional soccer player, he’s a left footed player with two right feet. He has no business as a center back and is very limited as a left back. Inter can now explore other defensive options who will help the team benefit from their presence rather than bring the team down.

Roma boss Luciano Spalletti, like the Inter management/scouts at the time, identifies potential in Juan, rightfully so because there is potential there. Maybe Inter wasn’t the right fit for him? Can Spalletti work a miracle on him?

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