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Inter has been on a poor run of form. But this has not been from recent weeks.

It has been years of mediocrity and lack of desire to win.

The Nerazzurri will play Juventus for the Coppa Italia tonight. After a horrible 3-0 loss the first time around, Thohir , Ausilio and co. have tried to motivate the team by calling them out.

“We want everybody to take a look at themselves in the mirror,”

“The club is doing it, Mancini is doing it, even with us, and we want the players to do the same because we can’t always make excuses.

“The time has come to raise the bar. We need to realize that wearing an Inter shirt means a great deal, above all that you have responsibility. I don’t think we need any special measures or to make any threats, we just need to change gear.

“I wasn’t happy at all with the second half. We did not focus and, for this level and for whoever wears this shirt, it is unacceptable.”- Ausilio

Thohir calls for another “ritiro” or isolated training camp… again…. if the team under performs for a third time.


I’ve been saying it for years now. Inter needs a new mentality. Whatever the philosophy was- starting five years ago, needs to change. Players  AND management need to take accountability for their mistakes and wrongdoings. The payers need to act like they care about the team they play for. The management has to do everything they can to ensure that the players do their best game in and game out, on and off the field. Time and time again, we have seen the Nerazzurri play lackadaisical, poor, unmotivated… etc.

There’s a whole dictionary full of synonyms to list but that’s not the point. My biggest problem with Inter and this mentality, is how they treat  Icardi.  I criticize him all the time. I have nothing but negative feedback for the guy. He has so much potential to become the best striker in Inter’s history, but he doesn’t show signs of improving his game (listen to me with an open mind here… especially if you’re an Interista).

Icardi is a striker, a striker is supposed to score goals. We all understand that part. Icardi is also a professional football player and somehow a member of the Argentinian national team (with about one appearance). Some people call him a “world class striker,” I don’t. As I’ve said he’s a one-dimensional forward who doesn’t have the fundamental skills of a professional football player. He’s rarely ever taken on a man. He does not get involved in the attack nearly as much as he should, especially because inter lack creativity and cohesion with the midfield and attack. He waits for that perfect through ball that never comes. If I were Mancini, I wouldn’t find it acceptable for Icardi to continue the same ineffective style of play from a striker. We know he scores, but could contribute more from a team aspect. The Inter attack is dreadful enough as it is, why limit it even more. It’s unacceptable from my point of view. I can go on a full tangent of why he isn’t t he amazing player people believe him to be, but I choose to keep this short. The staff need to understand this is not enough and demand more from our important players.

There’s a lot of dead weight on the roster, players like Nagatomo, Medel, Juan Jesus, D’ambrosio, Brozovic and Melo (to name a few) should not be at Inter next season. Let’s be real here. They haven’t added a single thing to Inter. A few of these names are “the hardest workers” in the team. But all of that has amounted to nothing. Until these players make their way from the club, the success will continue to come up short of the desired goal.

This season, Inter had a tremendous defense. To be fair, they still do but due to form, morale and motivation issues, the results have dropped. This is mainly because the offense does not do their part. When you have players who can make a difference like Jovetic and Ljajic, they must play. But in order to keep them playing, they have to be able to keep their cool on and off the field. Like Ausilio said “We want everybody to take a look at themselves in the mirror” he is correct. If Inter want to find any kind of success with this season, and upcoming seasons, a new mentality must be in order. Players should not be OK with losing. Missing out on European competitions should not be happening, especially from a team with so much support and money invested into “proven” players.

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