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It’s always difficult to turn down a €35 million offer for Italian clubs

Above all while the full force of FIFA Financial Fair Play (FFP) is bearing down on a club, it’s nearly impossible to buy big when the balance sheet is in the red.

Logically, the sale of Mateo Kovacic cannot be anything other than right, a titanic offer from Real Madrid, which is more than the Croat has offered in the last two seasons in Milan, could not be refused.

During his two seasons at Inter, Kovacic racked up 97 appearances and 8 goals scored, all of which were netted last season show that this youngster still has a very large amount of room to grow in terms of technical performance.

For a young midfielder Kovacic has undeniable quality, which Real Madrid fans will soon be able to see on display, even if he becomes a “luxury reserve” this season.

The harsh truth is that the last handful of years of financial abuse have had and will continue to have crippling effects on Inter’s ability to buy and build a competitive team. FFP is a massive roadblock that will need to be negotiated with tactics and ingenuity rather than a massive spending spree.

However, at the same time, Inter have agreed to sell Kovacic for €35 million not because of his performance, but because of his potential. Which we all know is anything but a guarantee in the footballing world.  

Time will tell to determine whether or not the money is worth it for the soon-to-be ex #10 for Inter, but for now the Italian club made the right choice – It was time to sell. 

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